Science Tent

The students enjoyed a visit from Immersive Science in which they entered into a huge blow up tent and learned about the sun! There was an engaging video in which the sun spoke to the students and the students were excited to answer questions and even sing the song ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ together!’


Busy bees

Reception class has been busy with learning activities of late! We are learning about doubling (2 + 2 =, 5 + 5 =) and the students practiced with ladybird mats, placingbtwo two counters on one side and two on the other – then counting how many altogether. The students also enjoyed making their names and other words with letter sponges and paint.


Our students were hard at work this term with their parents counting and writing! We had some beautiful homework turned in and we were very impressed with the quality of their work! We had very creative stick men, silly pictures of the students counting their height in shoes, and some lovely Christmas trees with CVC words written inside. Great work class! We are nearly there for the holidays, it has been a great two terms!

Beginning Our Learning

Reception class has taken off into learning this week and we are thrilled to have each of your children in our classroom. The students have been exploring different learning opportunities in the classroom, and practicing writing their name and forming letters. In class we are discussing different people in our community and how they help us. We are also discussing what the children want to be when they grow up!